It’s the first time we’ve been with Vineyard. We daughter had a brilliant experience there. Every Sunday, without being reminded, she would sit in front of her computer, looking forward to her music lesson. She said she can’t wait for the next session!



~ Ying H.



~ Gu L.


My daughter has been taking art classes since almost a year here. We definitely love this place and the teachers, they truly love and care about the kids, they’re listening and showing a lot of patience. The art class is original, well designed into different projects with different topics, the teachers will also share with parents the story and history about the artists they’re introducing so we can continue the discussion with kids at home. Big thumbs up! and Thank you so much!

~ Kunlin Y.

We definitely love this place and the teachers

This is a place where visual arts meet music. That should be already enough to convince anyone to be part of it (or their kids). Additionally, great teachers, beautiful environment and Angela is really a talented musician and very nice person. Strongly suggested!!!

~ Alessandro M.

Great teachers, beautiful environment!

My two kids of 5 & 7 years went to the arts class, and they really enjoyed it. The teacher always encourages them to try out their own ideas and styles and become their authentic selves. My children’s artist genes are uncovered through deliberate instructions and patient teaching. Every week they can’t wait to go to the art class to express themselves through their art work! Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning arts.

~ Jing S.

They can’t wait to go to the art class

Angela Chi was my piano instructor once before. She is so nice and I would strongly recommend her!

~ Jianke L.

She is so nice