Sarah Coakley – Visual Art

Ms. Sarah loves working with children and has extensive experience teaching art in enrichment programs, including: Creative Arts in Lowell, Lextended-Day in Lexington, and the Salem Arts Association.

She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and enjoys sharing her knowledge of artists and cultures when creating a lesson plan.She has passed all of her state MTEL educator examinations and Massachusetts teaching certification is pending.In the future Ms. Sarah intends on pursuing her Masters Degree and Teacher Prep Certification. She hopes to move into the public sector.

Her teaching philosophy is a combination of kind patience and firm expectations. Ms. Sarah believes in working with the individual skills of each student to guide them to create the best work they can, while also maintaining the belief that each student can direct themselves to the best behavior and practices when encouraged to do so in a comfortable environment. She believes in incorporating many different mediums (painting, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, etc) and styles to her lessons in order to push students outside of predictability and to further develop their artistic skills as well as to develop critical thinking. She believes the beauty of teaching art to children at a young age is that it is typically the only academic introduction to critical thinking, which requires conceptualizing more than just right or wrong, yes or no answers. It also requires students to learn to visualize, follow steps and self critique; which are skills that are useful moving into their eventual careers.