Travel with Arts

The world is so big, I want to see it!

Everyone has a dream of traveling around the world in their hearts. Such a dream drives brave and passionate friends to embark on a journey together to find the stars and the sea. Vineyard Artists proudly presents a series of courses we call “Travel with Arts”. Join us on our tour as we explore this beautiful world together.

As we travel, Vineyard Artists will take the children across Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other continents. By visiting different countries, they will experience the artistic differences of various regions, and to appreciate the human civilization and traditional culture around the world. Maybe in the near future, when it comes time to “real travel”, the children can be the little tour guides in your family!

Asia Tour Introduction

The first stop we are going to visit is the continent of Asia.
How many examples of beautiful art and culture can you think of from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Russia and other beautiful Asian countries?
Let us explore the answers together, and feel the charm of the mysterious Eastern culture and ancient civilizations together!

In each class, we will experience the traditional visual arts of each country. The course includes not only important paintings and great artists, but also traditional costumes, architecture, native animals and philosophy.

The lessons includes

  • China’s blue and white porcelain, the Forbidden City, a thousand miles of rivers and mountains;
  • Japan’s carp streamer; lucky cat; kimono;
  • India’s Mehndi; Taj Mahal;
  • Russia’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral;
  • (The schedule of each session will be adjusted slightly)

In this immersive cultural influence, we will use what we have learned in each lesson to create a project which expresses the students’ view of Asia by using various art materials. During the semester, the teacher will also explain in detail cultural backgrounds and painting styles to enhance the students drawing and painting skills, and to give the students a more immersive experience and understanding.

  • These classes are for two age groups: 5-7 and 7-10 years old.
  • Classes are taught online. In order to control the best quality of class, each class only holds 4-6 students.
  • Each term is 4 – 8 weeks. Please contact the Vineyard Artists for the class schedule.
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Student Gallery

Let’s exploring the world now!