Music Appreciation for Kids

Instructor: Ms. Angela

Listening is the first step to develop children’s taste in music.

Each music appreciation class will focus on various themes of Western and Eastern music, combining aspects of art, literature, history, and culture. We aim for students to develop listening skills and wide-reaching appreciation for diverse musical styles; composers and their works, specialties and historical influences; instruments and listening focuses. Our curriculum is not limited to themes and topics from Western music but also different styles of music from around the world. The scheduled themes for the upcoming semesters including: Broadway, Disney Animation, Jazz, Hollywood Movie Soundtracks, Folk Music, Chinese Music, Nature Music, Shakespeare Musicals, Ballet, Pop, Western Opera, Western Symphony Orchestra…and more!

We will also invite young musicians from Boston area to do little masterclass and performance for the kids to experience live music!

Using our “Carnival of Animals Theme” as an example:

We introduce the works of the famous French composer Saint-Saen, exploring the musical elements such as instrumentation, tone of the instrument, harmony, articulations, tempo, dynamics that associate with characteristic of animals, going from sound to picture and from picture to imagination.