Lucas Fonseca – Music

Lucas Fonseca is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. He has performed with Big Bands and many  others ensembles that were specialized in traditional Brazilian music, Including symphony  orchestras. 

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lucas attended a very prestigious school “Fundação das  Artes”, where he was the youngest student to ever enroll in the music program at age 10. 

After completing his studies, Lucas moved to Boston in 2015 after receiving a scholarship to  attend Berklee College of Music, where he studied with several of his musical idols, including  Tim Miller, Mick Goodrick, Greg Hopkins and Ayn Inserto. Lucas was part of the Rainbow Big  Band All Stars and shared the stage with jazz greats such as Tia Fuller, Phil Wilson and Regiment  Horns. 

Since moving to the United States, Lucas has been acquiring experience in the craft of  composition and arranging, being invited to arrange music for concerts with Toninho Horta, and  other tribute concerts for Paul Simon and Dolly Parton all at the Berklee Performance Center.  Lucas has also arranged and performed for Grammy Winning artists Natalia Lafourcade and  Cassandra Wilson and also possess extensive recordings with fast growing names such as MARO  (Jacob Collier “Djesse”), Basia and Laura Danae. 

During his time at Berklee, Lucas received scholarship awards for: “Creativity in Commercial  Arranging”, “Best Music Preparation”, The “Ken Pullig” Scholarship and “The Thelonious Monk  Award. Lucas’s composition “Colloquium” was performed at the JEN Young Composer  Showcase by US Air Force band “Airmen of Note.