Connie – piano, voice, music group class

“I love motivating students to try to learn new things! I believe by incorporating various interactive exercises and creating a positive environment, the students will experience the joy in the music world.”

  • 15+ years of piano and vocal teaching experience
  • Professional piano accompaniment, excellent at sight-reading music, specialized in the interpretation of historical music
  • Experience in leading chorus, band, chamber music
  • Incorporating teaching philosophy and methods from music education scholars such as Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze
  • Lesson plan including music theory, music history, sight reading and singing, ear training, technique and musicality. Using arts and crafts to sparkle children’s interest in the learning process.

  • 15 年以上鋼琴及聲樂教學經驗
  • 專業鋼琴伴奏,擅長試奏及古典音樂(historical music)詮釋
  • 曾領導合唱團、band、室內樂
  • 教學理念融入音樂教育學者 Orff、 Kodaly、Dalcroze 等方法及教材
  • 課堂上帶領孩子全方位學習音樂,包括樂理知識、視唱練耳、技巧及音樂性。結合簡單繪畫及手工,用視覺及觸覺啟蒙各個小小音樂家