Xiaoyi Liu – Visual Art

Xiaoyi Liu, Master of Fine Art, graduated from SMFA at Tufts University, scholarship recipient. Graduated from the School of Design of Jiangnan University with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in visual communication, and the winner of the Department’s Excellent Design Award. Currently works as an art teacher at Vineyard Artists. Lecturer at Groundhog Children’s Art Center. Xiaoyi’s works have been invited to exhibit in Cyclorama and Boston Center of Arts many times. In terms of design, he has cooperated with many brands such as Sina, OPPO, Owlet, etc.

Ms. Xiaoyi encourages children to ask questions, think positively, and discuss eagerly. She guides the children to observe arts deeply, and use language to praise and comment fearlessly! Ms. Xiaoyi loves to share the stories of artists with the students, taking them to appreciate various styles of master paintings, so as to enlighten children’s curiosity on the road of arts and experience the beauty of the world.

As a professional designer, Ms. Xiaoyi is also the master who designed the Vineyard Artists’ logo!

刘小艺,Master of Fine Art,毕业于SMFA at Tufts University,奖学金获得者。本科毕业于江南大学设计学院,视觉传达专业,院系优秀设计奖获得者。现Vineyard Artists任职美术老师。土拨鼠儿童艺术中心讲师。小艺老师作品多次在Cyclorama,Boston Center of Arts受邀展出。设计方面曾与新浪,OPPO,Owlet等众多品牌合作。