Julianne Martin – Visual Art

Julianne Martin always knew she wanted to be an artist. Growing up, she loved drawing and painting because it allowed her to absorb and reflect the world around her as well as explore her own active imagination! As an undergraduate student, Julianne studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University. After receiving her BFA, she went on to
earn her MFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
Julianne was part of the Low-Residency program at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, where she was able to further devote her time to her artwork.

Julianne’s paintings connect the beauty and energy of the garden, the ocean, and the forest to the experience of being alive. Constructed on wood or canvas with stained emblems, delicate graphite and sparkling veils, these acrylic and oil paintings celebrate the extension of the human spirit into animal and botanical worlds. Inspired by the seasons of the New England coast and countryside, Julianne also paints landscapes on wood panels.

Julianne’s experience as a teacher began in an early childhood classroom after she completed her graduate studies. She found that teaching young artists was a wonderful way to share her knowledge and experience of art, and since then has gone on to teach elementary students, middle school, young adult students, and adults. Julianne believes that art education is important because it teaches us to observe, express, empathize, understand,
connect, and dream.

Ms. Julianne 从小就知道自己要成为一名艺术家。她热爱绘画,因为绘画使她能够吸收和反映周围的世界,并积极探索自己的想象力。Ms. Julianne 毕业于 School of Fine Arts and Tufts University 获 Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting,并在麻省艺术与设计学院获得绘画硕士学位。Ms. Julianne 是普罗温斯敦美术工作中一部分,在那里她全心投入创作当中。

Ms. Julianne的作品将花园、海洋和森林的美丽与生命力紧紧联系在一起。使用丙烯颜料及油画,结合多变的色彩,精致的石墨和闪闪发光的纱,在画布上或是木板上欢庆动物和植物的世界。受新英格兰海岸和乡村四季的启发,Ms. Julianne 最喜爱在木板上绘画自然风景。

在完成硕士学位后,Ms. Julianne 从幼儿教室开始任教,至今已有七年以上教学经验。她发觉了与年轻艺术家分享她的艺术知识和经验的热情,并从那时起,不仅是幼儿美术,Ms. Julianne 继续发展教导小学生、初中、青年和成年人。Ms. Julianne 坚信艺术教育的重要性,艺术带给了人们更细微的观察力、清楚的表达力、待人的同情心与逐梦的勇气。

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