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Jessie Chiu is a Taiwanese classical trained violinist, music producer and sound designer. Jessie started playing piano at the age of six and dug into violin as her primary instrument at 9. Jessie went to University of Taipei in 2009 and received a Bachelor Degree in Violin Performance and Music Education. Besides the studies of classical music, she also attended musicals, jazz concerts and recording sessions as a singer and violinist.

After graduated from University of Taipei in 2013, Jessie actively worked with many theaters as violinist and music design, such as Ifkids, W.H.Y Wilder…and so on. These experience revealed her passion on interactive performance and music production.

In 2016, Jessie was accepted by the renowned music school, Berklee College of
Music with decent scholarship. She graduated from Berklee in 2019 with a major in
Electronic Production and Design and a minor in Theory of Pop and Jazz Music.
During the time at Berklee, She focused on music production and also actively
appeared in several performances and recordings as a violinist. She performed in
the world premiere musical “The Kiss” by Grammy-winning singer and composer,
Peter Eldridge. She also played with Grammy-winning artists, Jacob Collier and
Eugene Friesen. In 2019, she was selected to receive the Roland Award.

Jessie started teaching music lessons since 2010. She believes that music is in
everyone’s life and every student has their unique talent in music to be revealed.
Providing a safe, open-minded and creative environment for them to discover their
possibility will always be a significant part. Jessie encourages students to think and
express the ideas freely and. When learning solid musical knowledge, developing
passion and interest in music will be as important.

Ms. Jessie 是一位台灣古典舞小提琴家、音樂製作人、聲音工程師及設計師。 Ms. Jessie 從6歲開始彈奏鋼琴,並在9歲時以小提琴為主修樂器。 Jessie 於2009年考入台北大學, 小提琴演奏和音樂教育學士學位。除了研究在古典音樂方面,她還參加了音樂劇、爵士音樂會、錄音session、 歌手和小提琴家。

Ms. Jessie 於2013年畢業於台北大學, 她對互動表演和音樂製作充滿熱情,並積極與各大團體合作,擔任小提琴家和音樂劇創作與設計,例如 Ifkids,W.H.Y Wilder…等。 2016年,Jessie 不僅被著名音樂學校伯克利音樂學院錄取,且榮獲高額獎學金。在2019年畢業於伯克利大學,主修電子音樂製作和設計、並副修流行和爵士音樂理論。在伯克利音樂學院就讀期間,她專注於音樂製作,並以小提琴手的身份活躍在多次表演和錄音中。演出經驗包括:獲得格萊美獎的歌手和作曲家 彼得·埃爾德里奇(Peter Eldridge)全球首演音樂劇《親吻》。她還曾與格萊美獎獲獎藝術家 Jacob Collier和 Eugene Friesen共同演出。在2019年,Jessie 榮獲羅蘭獎 Roland Award。

Ms. Jessie 至今已有10年以上教學經驗。她認為音樂在每個人的生活和每個學生,都能展現自己獨特的音樂才能。 Ms. Jessie 致力於為他們提供一個安全、開放和創新的環境,讓學生髮覺自己音樂上無限的可能性。 Ms. Jessie 鼓勵學生積極思考、發揮想像力,並自由的表達思想。在學習紮實的音樂知識與基礎的同時,不斷發展對音樂的熱情。

Click to see Jessie’s Artists Website
点击参观Ms. Jessie 艺术家网站

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