Clio Yue – Music

Clio Yue earned graduate degrees from Yale School of Music with full scholarship, where she studies with Prof. David Shifrin. She graduated from Mannes school of music under the professional study diploma program with Professor Charles Neidich. In July 2016, she was invited by Harbin The old Synagogue Concert Hall played a solo recital. In 2015, she was the winner of Mannes concerto competition. Same year, she was invited by Yong Siew Toh conservatory played a concert in Singapore with conductor Jason Lai.

She was awarded the full scholarship studied bachelor’s degree at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore with Professor Yue Ma, the principal clarinetist in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. At the conservatory, She has worked with many internationally acclaimed musicians in master class such as Chi Yumo, Stephen Williamson, Imani Winds, Kriikku, Yeh Min-Ho, Frank Celata. She was the first prize winner of 2014/2015 conservatory concerto competition.

As a teacher, she taught secondary Clarinet lessons at Yale University school of music and teaching artist of Yale University band, coach of Morse Festival, teaching assistant of Yale Chinese department. As an orchestra player, Ms. Clio performed with many leading maestros including Peter Oundjian, David Robertson, Manuel Nawri, Robert Spano and Eiji Oue and many more.

Ms. Clio 毕业于耶鲁大学音乐学院获Master of Music主修为单簧管,并于2019年荣获全额奖学金,继续在耶鲁大学音乐学院研读 Master of Music Art,师承 David Shifrin 教授。2015年,她获得了纽约曼内斯协奏曲比赛的冠军。同年,她受到雍秀堂音乐学院的邀请与指挥家Jason Lai,在新加坡举行音乐会。在2016年7月,她应哈尔滨市邀请,在古老的犹太教堂音乐厅举行独奏音乐会。

Ms. Clio 本科以全额奖学金进入Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music就读,并师承新加坡交响乐团单簧管首席Yue Ma。在音乐学院学习过程,她曾在大师班中与许多国际知名的音乐家合作,例如 Chi Yumo、Stephen Williamson、Imani Winds、Kriikku、Yeh Min-Ho、Frank Celata。Ms. Clio 在2014/2015年音乐学院协奏曲比赛荣获头等奖。

作为乐团演奏家,Ms. Clio与许多著名的大师一起演出,包括Peter Oundjian, David Robertson, Manuel Nawri, Robert Spano and Eiji Oue 等Ms. Clio 在教学方便经验丰富,曾在耶鲁大学音乐学院的单簧管课程、耶鲁大学乐队、莫尔斯音乐节人教,并在耶鲁大学中文系担任助教。