About Vineyard Artists

Vineyard Artists is founded by young professionals who are dedicated to enriching children’s after school time with art and music by discovering and guiding their potential artistic talents. We inspire our students to be creative thinkers, encourage them to take risks in the arts and develop their sense of self-esteem, self-discipline and self-motivation. The learning and fun are not only limited to the little ones. Vineyard Artists also offers classes for adults who are passionate about the arts to join us for a relaxing time in the studio working on your own masterpiece.
Vineyard Artists – 葡萄園藝術坊 由年輕的藝術家們所創立,致力於啟發兒童潛在的藝術才華,並以美術和音樂豐富孩子的課後的時光。我們鼓勵學生成為有創造力的思想家,鼓勵他們在藝術中冒險,發展他們的自我,訓練自律和動力。 學習和樂趣不僅限於小孩子。葡萄園藝術坊也為對藝術充滿熱情的成年人提供課程,享受在藝術殿堂裡,輕鬆創作的時光。