Due to Covid-19, Vineyard Artists currently offers onsite private lessons and virtual group lessons. However, we are anticipate to reopen in September 2020. Please follow us to get the latest updates! 由于Covid-19,Vineyard Artists目前提供线下一对一私教课程和线上团体课程。我们预计将于2020年9月份重新开线下团体课。请关注我们以获取最新课程咨询! 


Our highly skilled instructors are professions in their field and care deeply about their students

About Vineyard Artists

Vineyard Artists is founded by young professionals who are dedicated to enriching children’s after school time with art and music by discovering and guiding their potential artistic talents. We inspire our students to be creative thinkers, encourage them to take risks in the arts and develop their sense of self-esteem, self-discipline and self-motivation. The learning… Continue reading About Vineyard Artists

Our Teachers

We are artists and we love to share our passion!