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Summer FUN: Drum Lessons for the Young and Curious

Growing up, children often have the desire to make sounds, use their bodies to show rhythm! This summer, Vineyard Artists is excited to introduce this energetic and easy-to-pick-up musical instrument – percussion instruments!

What are we going to do during our two hour lessons?

Our experienced drumming instructor will teach the students how to hold drum sticks and use proper posture, to position yourself comfortably while playing the drums. The teacher will make sure that students have a proper warmup before hitting the practice pads. Enjoyment playing instruments in a safe environment and with good posture is our top priority!
During the warmup, the student will also learn how to make different sounds/tone on the drums.

Most of the time, we will be using the practice pads for teaching and practice. Each student will have his/her own drum sticks and practice pad, all provided by Vineyard Artists. Students can also bring them home for practice after class!
There will be other simple percussion instruments in the classroom for students to try as well!

Knowing percussion instruments is the first step to getting started. In each class, we will learn, understand, and listen to different percussion instruments, whether traditional instruments from different countries or instruments that are not used in the standard orchestra or band. We will also learn about the structure and science of percussion instruments .

In addition to general ear training, we will also learn how to read music! Including fundamental rhythmic notation – half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and rests. If the student is not a beginner, the teacher will also provide more advanced rhythmic practice excerpts.

Playing drums is an excellent way to increase children’s physical coordination! Our teacher will also conduct small group ensembles to help the students learn music as a team. We will learn some easy repertoire, including drum line and band music, to reinforce everything we have learned in the class, and put our exercises we did into a musical context.

On the last day at the pick-up time, there will be a mini performance!

Principal Instructor

Mr. Simon
Percussionist, film director, photographer

Like many boys, Mr. Simon has loved percussion instruments since he was a child. He has more than 17 years of performance and teaching experience, and is active in Canadian and Taiwanese orchestras, band and musicals. Mr. Simon has participated in symphony orchestras including Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra and Hart House Orchestra, and musical performances such as Evita the Musical and Moby Dick. Mr. Simon is also a professional film director and photographer. He has produced numerous works. Several of his films have even earned him awards. His documentary “Her Journey” was shortlisted for the 2018 Xiamen University Film Festival; “Let the love last forever” won an award from Taiwan Public Television.

For Age:7 – 11 years old

Date & Time:7/26 – 7/30

  • Morning Session:9 – 11am
  • Afternoon Session:1 – 3pm

Address:Vineyard Artists Classroom 430 Marrett Rd ste 1, Lexington, MA 02421

Small Group Class:6 – 8 students per class


Sign up with your friend to enjoy 10% off ($216/person/week)

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Each participant will be given drum sticks + practice pad + carrying bag



Refund Policy

Once you have registered successfully, Vineyard Artists will reserve your spot and prepare the class materials.
***Please note that when you request a refund, you will be responsible to pay a 2.9% processing fee***

2 months before camp starting day: 100% refund
1 month before camp starting day: 80% refund
2 weeks before camp starting day: 50% refund
1 week before camp starting day: 30% refund

No refund after camp starts!

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