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Outdoor Sketching Event


Everything in the world is beautiful, and these creatures of nature are also beautiful images of mankind. Those spiritual, gentle, and kind creatures deserve our praise and care.

The long-awaited summer time has finally arrived. Unfortunately, many summer camps and activities were forced to cancel due to Covid-19. The blue sky, white clouds, and colourful flowers and trees outside can only be appreciated from indoors. But how can a young child who is curious about the world miss out on the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature? So, while keeping everyone safe and healthy, the teachers at the Vineyard Artists decided to take eight lovely students to a sketching paradise.

Since ancient times, nature has always been one of the favorite settings of many artists, and outdoor sketching is an indispensable experience for everyone. There is a saying that “art should come from life, higher than life.”; A touching piece of art is drawn from life and refined through processing. During sketching activities, we encourage the students to observe the details of life through their hearts and eyes – the wonderful changes in color caused by light and shadow, the different sizes in the objects eschewed by distance, and the layers created by lines in the natural landscape. In the process of observation, the students get closer to nature and develop a deeper love for our land, and learn to appreciate the beauty around them.

An open field and beautiful lake, nature is always around us

Imagine sitting under a shady tree, surrounded by a large family of Canadian geese which are enjoying the food in the grass. Facing the lake, admiring the reflection in the water, and the sight people slowly rowing a boat on the lake. We don’t need to travel thousand of miles for this experience, all can be found in the Lazazzero Playground in Waltham, Massachusetts.

In this sketching event, our students learned about impressions and impressionist artists – Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh.

Claude Monet
Vincent van Gogh

The beautiful works of the two artists reflect a strong love for nature. Their works not only capture the beauty of nature, but also show strong personal feelings and stories. When we appreciate these works, we can also taste the creators’ life experience.

We encourage the students, in addition to observing the details of nature, to take risks using lines, colors, and different media to express their mood, experiences and feelings to create their most unique paintings.

Now, let’s celebrate the moments and final works of this colorful summer outdoor sketching event!

See how carefully the children observe the scenery. Everyone has been sitting quietly for an hour. . .



It is impossible to capture the beauty completed in just an hour. The teachers at Vineyard Artists were so amazed that the students did not end the journey so quickly. We took pictures of the views and sent them to the parents. Even three days after the event, we still continue to receive students’ finished paintings. We are extremely proud of all the students’ patience and perseverance to complete their works!

Friends who missed this sketching activity need not worry! Vineyard Artists insists on bringing everyone to experience the beauty of art and nature. More events will follow!

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