Spread the Love: Art for Our Senior Friends


Everyone was longing for an exciting spring in Boston, but unfortunately, it is being disrupted by the outbreak of the Corona Virus. The whole nation has been heavily affected and now the United States has the most confirmed cases of any country, and they continue every day. According to the CDC, the most vulnerable age group to be severely affected by the virus are the elderly. To protect our senior friends, many supermarkets and stores participate in a “special shopping hours” to make sure they receive enough supplies and to reduce the risk of possible infection.

Ever since Governor Baker issued the Stay-At-Home advisory, people have been observing social distancing measures. As a result, many senior homes are not allowing visitors and cancelling community events.

However, social isolation impacts seniors’ lives in other ways.

British physician Sir Muir Gray suggested that the older adults should not be left alone at home, not only because isolation and loneliness contribute to the onset of dementia, it also complicates COVID-19. He says “Older people can be helped to feel more positive if they engage with the world and stay active”. More than just feeling lonely, isolation brings real anxiety, if not for them being affected, their friends or family members.

What can ease their minds?

British philosopher and author Alain de Botton answers this question with art as a therapeutic medium from his book Art As Therapy. He strongly believes that art can provide emotional guidance, and through experiencing art, people can ease their troubled minds.

Therefore, Vineyard Artists contacted two local senior homes in Lexington MA – Youville Place and Artis Senior Living, to offer them drawings and paintings from our students! We hope by sending these works, we can help our older friends to not only stay connected with the world, but also comfort them with the colors and imaginations of our talented students!

Now let us enjoy these 10 heart warming paintings and messages!

We would love to hear from you!

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