Events, 藝術營會

Music & Art Spring Camp 4/20-24 2020

The Heroic Journey of the Artists

Many artists told their amazing life journey through their works.
Why did R. Strauss name his last symphony “A Hero’s Life”? What is the story behind Vincent van Gogh’s famous portrait?
Arts help us to redefine what is a “hero” – those who live courageous in the history of arts, and the beautiful dreams held among us in our daily life.

April 20-24, 2020
for children age 5-10

What will we be doing?

Music class: music appreciation, music fundamentals, performance & mini masterclass by special guests and choir.

Art class: introduction to artists and masterpieces, projects including using various mediums such as watercolor, color pencil, acrylic, oil pastel etc.

Outdoor activities everyday (weather permitted). Last day mini recital for friends and family.

What will be a daily schedule look like?

Meet the teachers!

Boston University Master of Music in performance (scholarship); University of Toronto Bachelor in Music Performance; Studied with Toronto Symphony Orchestra principal horn Neil Deland and international renewed French horn soloist Eric Ruske; freelance actively in Toronto, Canada and Massachusetts; participated in several international Children Theater music production; participated in several international music festivals; years experience in piano and French horn studio teaching.


one day $120; half day $70; 5 days $570

  • early bird discount 10%off ($513/ person a week, only until 4/1)
  • sign up for two enjoys extra 5%off ($487/person a week)

Small class size, limited spots!
sign-up right now or contact us with any questions!

one day

Only available on certain days? No worries, pick how many days you want!


half day

Can only come for part of the day? For sure! We will contact you shortly to ask which day(s) and which part of the day(s) you will be joining us!


5 day

YAY!! We can’t wait to spend a WHOLE WEEK with you!


5 day with a friend

we are so thrilled to have you AND your friend to spend an exciting week with us! ($487/person)


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